What makes a stunning hypercar? Is it its cost, reaching in the millions of dollars? Is it the exclusivity, being limited only to a handful of models? Is it the jaw-dropping design, a result of passionate designers given the chance to go all-out? Or is it the immense power generated by an aurally pleasing engine that rumbles to life? Maybe it's the interior, created with the best materials and ripe for customization? Maybe it's all of these reasons, plus a little bit of fun. For a manufacturer like Pagani to stay relevant in a world where sales figures drive product development, every vehicle needs to be a statement piece, not a number on a spreadsheet. It has to convey what they stand for, what they believe in, and more importantly, inculcate the same emotions and passion in their loyal customers. If you want to know what goes on behind the scenes at Pagani, then you must absolutely watch this short and stunning documentary on the creation of what was their most powerful Pagani yet in 2019– the Huayra Roadster BC.

Aside from seeing the brains behind the creation of each part of the car, ranging from its conceptualization, interior material choices and development, as well as some track testing, the documentary touches on how each part of a Pagani is carefully selected and pushed to extremes.

Gallery: Pagani Short Documentary Tells The Story Of Huayra Roadster BC

To be frank, a car like this needs to push technical boundaries at every opportunity in order to keep generating interest from buyers, and the partnerships Pagani has formed with Mercedes-AMG and Pirelli have been instrumental in realizing their designs to the fullest. 

A hypercar needs to have the ability to be faster and more desirable with every release or special edition. But it needs to have that unique combination of technical wizardry and emotional connection that feels honest and pure. It might very well be the reason why Pagani has enjoyed a recent streak of success with their latest cars. And their customers just keep coming back for more. 

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