Life is too short to lead a boring existence. We’re not suggesting the technical side of making websites work is boring. That is, not any more boring than filtering through an adjective-laden, 30-page automaker press release announcing an “all-new” model that only has different headlights and a special color option for interior trim. Point being, even the best jobs have their dull moments.

Sometimes, those dull moments are the source of divine inspiration. As such, we present the secret Pagani supercar you never knew existed, hidden in the alcoves of Pagani's own website.


You can't see this bit of ASCII art simply by loading Pagani's website. This clever Easter egg is embedded on the backside of the page, where the code lives in bare form. It’s obviously not something most folks ever see, but it’s easily accessible through most web browsers by choosing the “view page source” function. Depending on how you surf the internet, it could be as simple as right-clicking the mouse, or diving into settings for pages.

Once you find and execute the command, the source code for Pagani’s homepage appears. Scroll down a bit and the outline of what looks like a Huayra comes into view. Or it could be a Zonda; there are limitations on detail when it comes to creating a supercar caricature with letters, numbers, and text-based characters.

Pagani Code
Pagani Code

As you can see, there are some differences in the code-car depending on the browser being used. Our own exploration found different colors between Chrome and Firefox, and the image we see is comprised of different text compared to the image shared on Facebook a few days back. As such, our version (screencapped about an hour ago as of this posting) doesn’t look exactly the same. Could Pagani be updating its clever Easter egg every now and then? Admittedly we aren't coding pros so this goes a bit over our head, but still, this is a whole new level of nerdy awesomeness.

Try it for yourself and share some screenshots with us below. If that gets too tedious, you can always jump to our Pagani vehicles page to check out images of the real-life Huayra for renewed inspiration.

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