Rimac took the 2018 Geneva Motor Show by storm with the unveiling of the C_Two as a follow-up to its mind-boggling Concept_One hypercar. While the vehicle exhibited in Switzerland was only a showcar, it did give us a pretty good understanding of what to expect from the production model. It was followed a year later at the same GIMS by another showcar wearing a different livery, but that one too was not the actual road-going version.

In the build-up to the C_Two’s official unveiling in production form next week in Geneva, Rimac took the time to prepare a mini-series on YouTube talking about the electric hypercar. Episode six came out this week and we get to hear the man himself - founder and CEO Mate Rimac – talking about how the C_Two will look on the Geneva floor early March.

Featured in the video is a prototype development vehicle that’s far from being the production model as it illustrates the state of the C_Two engineering phase approximately 12-16 months ago, according to Rimac’s boss. He goes on to say “absolutely everything has changed” for the final version, including the aerodynamics and other body changes required to meet safety regulations.

Don’t worry about those headlights looking rather basic because they’re just provisional clusters used by Rimac while it was developing the C_Two. The company’s head honcho explains headlights are usually the last to be installed as the clusters are intricate and require lots of tooling, hence why the prototype uses a placeholder instead of the actual production-ready headlights.

Gallery: Rimac C_Two at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Even the wheels have changed and there will be multiple designs to choose from, and these will come with Pirelli tires specifically made for the hypercar. Brembo brakes will ensure the stopping power, with a second set of calipers to be added at the back for the parking brake. Mate Rimac explains the side air intakes required to cool down the powertrain as well as the rear brakes have gone through some changes to become more efficient.

What we said about the headlights is also valid for the taillights as these will be totally different on the production car. Rimac’s boss mentions the rear end design has “completely changed” to comply with crash-testing regulations and to further improve aerodynamics. Obviously, those fake exhaust tips won’t be found on the production car.

The prototype’s trunk carries a lot of hardware that takes up a considerable amount of space, but Mate Rimac explains they were able to reduce the size by as much as 90 percent, thus freeing up room for cargo in a bid to create a “usable supercar.”

A lot of changes are also planned for the interior where the rudimentary steering wheel of the prototype will be replaced by a much nicer one with an airbag and everything else required by safety regulations. From those basic screens to the 3D-printed parts, all will be swapped out for far better components worthy of a hypercar with a $2.1-million price tag.

All of these modifications will be complemented by a name change as the Rimac C_Two will go by another – hopefully more exciting – name once it will debut on March 3 at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

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