When most people think of subscription services, Netflix and Amazon Prime come to mind. But what if you could have access to performance vehicles rather than movies and television? Say no more, as Mercedes-Benz now offers a subscription service for its hot AMG models.

"With the AMG-Exclusive tier, our subscribers now have unlimited access to world-class performance luxury at their fingertips," said Heiko Schmidt, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Subscription Services in the United States.

For $3,595 a month, a fleet of AMG vehicles is available at your fingertips. With just the tap of an app, Mercedes’ better-off customers can have access to nearly a dozen Mercedes-AMG vehicles. This includes extensive access to AMG sedans, coupes, roadsters, and SUVs.

"After receiving feedback from subscribers who had a chance to drive select Mercedes-AMG models in other tiers, it became clear there was significant demand for us to create an opportunity for them to enjoy the full Mercedes-AMG experience," said Craig Walters, director of Mercedes-Benz Subscription Services. Walters noted that subscription members can enjoy AMG vehicles without the red tape typically associated with short-term vehicle ownership. 

Before adding access to AMG vehicles, Mercedes-Benz already had one of the best vehicle subscription programs in the luxury-vehicle market. While the AMG-Exclusive tier is their flagship plan, there are more affordable options. Below the AMG-Exclusive tier are the Signature, Reserve, and Premiere categories, with monthly prices starting at $1,095 and topping out at $2,995. 

Additionally, all of the subscription tiers come with 24/7 roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, no mileage restrictions, and the ability to swap vehicles no questions asked. We have our fingers crossed that the AMG-Exclusive tier includes their Project-ONE hypercar; let us know what AMG vehicle you would pick given the choice.

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