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A wagon variant of the Genesis G70 is at least a possibility, according to William Lee, the brand's global boss, in a report from Car and Driver. He confirms that the marque has a study for the long-roof model. If the model gets the nod for production, then it would use next year's refreshed G70 as a starting point. There's also the possibility that this version might end up being exclusive to Europe where wagons remain somewhat popular.

The rendering above imagines hows how the current G70 would look with an extended roof and hatchback. The resulting vehicle is handsome with its arching roof that adds cargo space without sacrificing style.

While Genesis might have a design study for the G70 wagon, we are somewhat dubious about the model's chances of coming to the United States. Last year, the brand's Chief Operating Officer Erwin Raphael confirmed that a G70-based compact crossover was debuting in either late 2020 or early 2021. The company's product plan also hinted at the possibility of a G70-derived coupe. The firm's plan has been to offer a six-model lineup. Genesis hasn't unveiled the last of them yet.

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Given the popularity of crossovers in the United States, the G70-based crossover could easily be a success. The wagon would likely compete for the same type of buyers, so it's hard to see a reason for the fledgling brand to offer them both.

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