Honda S2000 owners will soon have a new online resource later this year. Honda is teasing that the iconic model’s parts catalog is hitting the internet sometime this June. You can check out the site here – it's in Japanese. But before you begin pouring over intricate, exploded-view diagrams of S2000 door panels, Honda needs your help. The automaker is soliciting owners through social media for what parts they would like.

From now until April 30, 2020, Honda will collect Facebook and Twitter posts with #S2000PartsCatalog attached. Honda is looking for parts customers like, and parts customers are afraid that could be in short supply in the future. Once it has gathered those posts, Honda says it’ll make an announcement in May about the results, a month before the catalog goes live online.

The move is a win for S2000 owners and fans. Maintaining and servicing out-of-production models is difficult if there isn’t an ample supply of parts. Over the last few years, many automakers have begun better supporting their most die-hard owners and fans. High-end brands such as Land Rover and Lamborghini offer various restoration services to existing owners. Even FCA dabbles in assisting in the restoration of its past makes and models.

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Other Japanese automakers are also elbowing their way into the restoration and services sector. In 2017, Mazda announced an MX-5 Miata restoration program in Japan. Mazda also announced it would reproduce several components of the iconic sports car. Toyota announced plans to produce parts for the classic Supra after it reintroduced an all-new model for 2020.

For Honda S2000 owners eager to dust off their cars as winter thaws into spring, waiting until June for the parts catalog will be excruciating. Thankfully, when it does arrive, it should be a viable – and possibly expensive – resource to owners.

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