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It's easy to love watching an automotive tug-of-war, even if they do come down to a basic test of weight and traction. This video from China showcases some very odd matchups. For example, here's your chance to see a Ford F-150 (contrary to the YouTube title, it's not a Raptor) go up against what appears to be a Haval H9.

Unfortunately, we can't tell what engine this F-150 uses, but the video clearly shows that it's in four-wheel drive. What's surprising is that the Haval has no problem pulling the American pickup. We don't know why, but the Ford's tires appear like they might be nearly bald. Depending on the specs, the H9 might outweigh the F-150, too. Both of these factors could give the Chinese SUV an edge.

There's also a chance to watch the Haval H9 in a tug-of-war against a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. In their first run, the Chinese SUV wins again, but this time the result is easier to understand. The Jeep wears big, knobby tires that would be great off-road but can't get a good grip on the smooth concrete.

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In a rematch, the Wrangler is able to score a victory. It seems like the Haval can't take any more punishment because the H9 doesn't appear in any of the subsequent tugs-of-war in the video.

In the next several runs, the star is a vehicle that appears to be one of the many variants of the Beijing BJ212 and BAW BJ2020.

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