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Chevrolet is currently building 2020 Corvettes as fast as possible to meet demand for upwards of 40,000 cars already ordered. However, if you’re a Corvette enthusiast who’s not happy with the engine moving behind the driver, there are still new 2019 models sitting on dealership lots. That number is dropping though, according to a report from Corvette Blogger.

While attention has certainly focused on the mid-engined Corvette, buyers have been quietly picking up the remaining front-engined 2019 models. The report mentions stats offered up by Chevrolet executives that show approximately 2,600 cars still available at dealerships across the U.S. as of now. The automaker believes that number will fall to 2,000 at the beginning of March, which is just over a week away.

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That’s a far cry from the 5,000 ‘Vettes in dealer inventories we reported on back in November. The sell-off is certainly connected to some fantastic deals available for the outgoing model, which reached nearly $9,500 off MSRP back in December. A quick check of Chevrolet’s website shows 2019 Z06 models are currently elgible for an $8,338 discount, and that doesn’t include various regional deals that might be in effect. It also doesn’t include dealership-level wheeling and dealing to clear ‘Vette inventories before the 2020 models arrive. And they will be arriving very soon. The Corvette plant in Kentucky is pumping out production models and shipments are expected to begin any day now.

Hype for the first-ever mid-engine Corvette has been off the scale since it debuted last July, and with camouflaged Z06 prototypes zipping around packing a new flat-plane-crank V8 wailing beneath the engine cover, we suspect a new round of hype will begin shortly.

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