With 156,246 vehicles sold, 2019 was a successful year for Cadillac. And with the launch of the all-new 2021 Escalade, the brand hopes it will maintain its momentum throughout 2020 and register another solid year. With no two-door model on sale, however, this could prove to be a challenge.

The discontinuation of the ATS line basically marked the death of the coupe body style for the American automaker. This could change at some point in the future, but nothing more specific can be said at the moment. At least that’s what the brand’s President Steve Carlisle hinted about.

“Never is a long time,” Carlisle told CadillacSociety during the presentation of the new Escalade. “The way I look at it, body styles go through cycles, roughly every 10 years. But with electrification, the architecture is so different, it opens up opportunities for different things. And people will be looking for something new and different than what’s on stage. I’m 100 percent confident of that. So we’ll continue to explore the perimeters of what may be the next thing.”

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Simply put, a two-door Cadillac is possible but not a must. And if it ever happens, it would probably benefit from the advantages of an all-electric architecture and be different than today’s coupes in many ways. 

“But I will tell you one other thing,” Carlisle continued. “We’re not going to do what’s already been done. We’re going to do something different.”

While that’s definitely not a confirmation of a new two-door coupe with a Caddy badge, Carlisle’s words at least leave the door half-open for a successor of the ATS series. And if we are lucky, it could get “a little bit of Blackwing.”

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