Globe-trotting supercar connoisseur Shmee150 is known for featuring interesting car collections on his YouTube channel, but this particular video showcases a collection of a very different kind. It’s not a car collection per se, but rather a collection of tiny parts that come together to create the coolest scale model cars you’ll ever see. Of course, we’re talking about UK-based Amalgam Collection, and Shmee had occasion to visit the company’s headquarters in Bristol for a behind-the-scenes look at the construction process for these epic models.

Amalgam offers a wide range of cars in different sizes, but its massive 1:8 scale offerings are arguably the most desirable of the bunch. That’s because these larger models are packed with amazing detail, and by that, we mean out of this world. The clip shows a 1:8 McLaren Senna in primer waiting for assembly, a process that takes 100 hours and includes numerous subassemblies such as the engine, chassis, interior, and of course the body. There are over 1,000 pieces all total, and from start to finish the entire process takes 300 hours.

We also see a blue Senna awaiting assembly. Shmee's visit wasn't merely a spontaneous act, as this is his model designed to accurately recreate the real-life Senna he purchased some time ago. Amalgam worked directly with McLaren MSO to get all the details right, from the Cerulean Blue finish to the Alcantara-covered dash and MSO-spec brake calipers. 

Gallery: Amalgam Model Tour

The tour also shows some completed models including a stunning McLaren F1 that even features headsets for passengers in the interior. Jumping over to another table we see a Mercedes 300SL, but perhaps the most impressive car on the stop is a Ferrari 250 TR recreated as Lucybelle II which raced at Le Mans in 1958. Actually, it’s recreated to look as it did after the race with dirt, oil, rubber, and damage all around the car.

Shmee has a new garage in the works for his full-size cars, and the Amalgam Collection 1:8 Senna was ordered as a showpiece for his supercar haven. The video actually ran late last year so presumably, the mini-Senna is now on display with his real one. Such ambiance doesn’t come cheap, however – Amalgam’s large-scale models can easily top $10,000, though a McLaren Senna outfitted with working lights and electric doors bumps that figure over $15,000.

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