Rejoice! Audi R8 Production Running at Top Speed

The first 1500 Audi R8's have found their ways to showrooms and owners already but demand has not dwindled because of those numbers, instead in Germany the entire 2007 stock (built and unbuilt alike) has been sold-out already. The majority of buyers have never even test driven the car before they transfered the money for it, such is the hype and trust in the new 420 V8 powered supercar. And now, with quattro customised equipment, the daily output of the car is at 20, the maximum amount attainable at the Neckarsulm factory. With this equipment audi is also starting with their customising programme, you can now get your R8 with Alcantara/leather or Nappa leather interior and order a matching five-piece luggage set to go with it.

Gallery: Rejoice! Audi R8 Production Running at Top Speed