Update: Changed video source links to show the original source for video is Motard.Tony on YouTube and Instagram. Updated video with higher quality version, and added new details on the encounter.


Could C8 Corvettes become the new Ford Mustang when it comes to embarrassing and potentially deadly antics on the road? Official production on the 2020 Corvette only recently began and none have reached owners yet, but we’ve already seen preproduction cars crash on dry pavement, crash in the snow, and most recently, a couple of GM employees got in hot water after being caught racing on public streets.

Now, a new video from Motard.Tony shows a C8 nearly causing an accident with motorcycles by coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road to make a U-turn.


With the updated video comes new insight into the encounter. The camera is mounted to the helmet of a motorcycle rider, who is following an Accelerate Yellow C8 Corvette through Nevada's Valley of Fire State Park. We're told that there were multiple C8 Corvettes in the area, as a group of four passed by the rider while parked on the side of the road.

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The cruise with the motorcycle rider and C8 seems to be going just fine until the ‘Vette driver stops very short in the middle of the road. It isn’t necessarily illegal for a car to come to a stop on a two-lane road, but thankfully the motorcycle rider wasn’t following the Corvette close and that’s what prevented a collision here. The rider still had to hit the brakes hard, and that’s when we learn there were actually three riders in the convoy. Two went around the Corvette on the left, with the camera-equipped biker actually diving right as the Corvette suddenly starts to make a left towards the oncoming lane instead of pulling off on the shoulder. Yikes.

This car is another preproduction C8, as we get a very brief glimpse of a Michigan manufacturer license plate on the back of the car as the biker passes on the right. All three riders appear rightfully annoyed with the ‘Vette driver, who then makes a decidedly illegal U-turn in the middle of the road. 

Why make an arbitrary U-turn in the middle of the road? The clip was posted on February 17, and a Chevrolet Corvette first drive event for media is happening in the area this week. The driver of this car could be a journalist lost or separated from a group, or it could be someone on the automaker side since it was early in the week. Motor1.com is at this event as well; we will have our own C8 Corvette impressions coming soon but you can rest assured they will not include reckless, illegal U-turns in front of a group of motorcycle riders. 

As for all you prospective C8 owners getting ready to take delivery of your new ride, please set a better example for this car than what we’ve seen thus far.

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