Most buyers of the Bentley Continental GT are after a luxurious highway cruiser, ready to eat up miles at a steady 150 miles per hour. It's most at home on the German Autobahn, with you and your passenger, packed up and starting your weekend journey into your rustic cabin in the Alps. But I'm willing to bet that no one will ever turn around and think, "Maybe I need a Bentley Continental GT to go drifting in the snow. Even better, let's make it a rally car and enter the Austrian Ice GP for kicks!" No, actually, I think anyone with a ton of money would do that. But since I have neither a ton of money or a Bentley Continental GT, we're just gonna have to enjoy this short video by Seen Through Glass.

The GP Ice Race is basically what you probably think it is – snow, ice, fast cars, and a ton of drifting. Oh, and there are people participating in the race, too. No, not just the drivers of the cars, but there are people on skis actually tied to the back of these cars. Essentially this is still the same GP Ice Race that has been happening or almost 50 years, except the horses are now cars. Oh, and one of those cars happens to be a specially prepared Continental GT.

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Donning a Pikes Peak-inspired black and blue livery, complete with studded tires, a Bentley ski rack, and a multitude of LED light bars on the roof and behind the grille, this particular Continental GT looks set to go anywhere. It also has a slightly raised suspension for additional ground clearance. Under the hood, it's unchanged, and it still has the factory twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 good for 626 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. An Akrapovic exhaust completes the look and gives the car an even better sound. 

It goes sideways, a lot, and the excess tire spinning and bouncing off the rev limiter is always good fun. And with Junior World Rally Championship driver Catie Munnings behind the wheel, you know you're in good hands. Is all that performance overkill for the snow? Yes, but in a good way.






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