You've officially been pimped.

“So you wanna be a player, but your wheels ain’t fly, you gotta hit us up and get a pimped out ride.” If you’re not familiar with MTV’s Pimp my Ride which ran for 73 episodes from 2004 to 2007 you need to hop on YouTube and educate yourself. Instead of modifying cars for better performance, the Pimp My Ride crew built ridiculous rides focused on being flashy. Today VW channels their inner Pimp My Ride with a satirical commercial for their new Touareg SUV.

Pimp My Ride gets a lot of flack for building silly cars with ridiculous mods but the show itself had a great message. The team would help people who had terrible beat-up cars and work to restore them to something the owners would be proud to own. Sure you don’t need tv screens everywhere and massive subwoofers but a little TLC on your clapped-out car you can’t afford to fix is an incredible gesture. 

Gallery: VW Pimp My Ride Touareg Ad Says The SUV Has Swag

To promote their new Touareg SUV, VW decided to channel their inner Xzibit and create their very own Pimp My Ride style reveal on a stock Touareg. This leads to the question, is the new VW Touareg Pimped Out? We’ll need to take a deep dive to deliver this critical consumer information. 

Does the Touareg have screens everywhere? Well, the gauge cluster is a screen and then there's the 15” center infotainment screen which controls virtually every aspect of this SUV. Does it ride on 22”s? Nope, sadly the Touareg only comes with 21”s which are simply not pimped out. How’s the sound system? Well, the Dynaudio system seems to please the actors in the commercial. 

Are there unnecessary led lights inlaid into the interior? You know it dawg and you can control their color from your screens. Finally, does it come on airbags? The Touareg uses a clever system of airbags and electronically controlled sway bars in its suspension. This interesting combination of flashy features leads us to the all-important question, is the 2020 Touareg a pimped out ride?

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