It’s pure chaos.

In the U.S., local, county, and state fairs are breeding grounds for vehicular tomfoolery. Demolition derbies, lawnmower races, and other forms of grassroots motorsports play out in front of packed grandstands where the audience is fueled by fried food and booze. One such type of fun is trailer races where dinged-up cars pull equally dinged-up travel trailers with the goal of being the last vehicle remaining. It's a glorified demo derby with a lot more destruction, and at one model expo in Germany, it's the perfect format for some radio-controlled fun.

The video above comes from the Welt des Modellbaus – the World of Model Building – that's held in Osnabrück, Germany. This year's event is set for later this month if you're in the area. The event plays host to various exhibitors eager to show off their models, RC vehicles, and other miniatures, and one such event has RC cars racing around a makeshift course. The toy cars slide and swerve while others hit a ramp to catch some air.

Several cars turning into one corner is a recipe for some bite-sized destruction as the cars crash, collide, tip over, or get pushed off the course entirely. The cars are prone to sliding already, and the trailers only exaggerate the loss of control. They're also being easy targets for those looking to take out the competition. The plastic toys smash, collide, and zip on their way. Even some of the trailers experience damage, as you'd expect to see in a real-world trailer race.

RC cars are fun for all ages, and the level of involvement can range from the occasional dabbler to the hardcore hobbyist. But it's still accessible fun, too. These are great ways to introduce kids to the world of motoring on a scale they understand. It may not have prestige, but it is fun to watch the cars crash, and fun to watch the kids' enjoyment – and that's worth a lot.

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