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Most of the cars that Jay Leno reviewed recently can be best described as (forgive us for that) traditional gas-guzzlers. These include two restomoded Chevy trucks, a Bugatti EB110 Dauer in naked carbon fiber, the 2020 Shelby GT500, and - of course - the new Chevrolet Corvette C8. None of these vehicles actually fit the term green but Leno’s latest episode features a car that’s making waves these days and is eco-friendly.

Joined by Calvin Kim, Porsche’s product spokesperson for the Taycan, Leno takes a pre-production example of the Taycan Turbo S for a ride and the two discuss the electric vehicle’s characteristics. Leno seems to be impressed by the fact that, unlike most other zero-emission cars, the EV sedan has a two-speed gearbox and Kim provides more information about what’s the general idea behind that technical solution.

Gallery: 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo

After that, while still driving the car, Leno talks with Kim about Porsche’s ambitions with the Taycan on the market and the company’s representative explains that it’s being launched in the United States first even before Europe. Kim also talks about why the range of the Taycan is relatively small compared to other products on the market.

Once the two finish their ride, the Taycan poses at Leno’s garage for an interesting discussion about its mechanicals, including the regenerative braking, aerodynamics, and others. It’s good to see a Porsche representative giving all the honest answers to Leno’s (and ours) questions.

The only thing we really miss is Leno asking if the car will do a burnout. Chris Harris made a proper drift with the Taycan over at Top Gear, so it's a missed opportunity for Jay. Maybe next time.

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