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Volvo is previewing several new safety technologies for the upcoming 2015 XC90.

The next generation of the Volvo XC90 has been confirmed for a late 2014 launch as a 2015 model year. Some of the safety technologies previewed in these videos will be available for the new SUV.

One of the newly-developed systems will be Pedestrian Detection In Darkness which will allow the car to detect objects ahead (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) even in the dark. This will work by showing a warning and then if the driver doesn't respond the system will automatically brake the car to prevent an accident.

Road Edge and Barrier Detection With Steer Assist is similar to a lane-departure warning system as it can detect if the car is about to drive off the road edge. If this happens, it will automatically straighten its path by making adjustments to steering. This system will work even on roads without side markings. It has been confirmed for the next-gen XC90 and will encompass a forward-looking camera and radar to monitor the road edge.

Adaptive Cruise Control With Steer Assist will be available on the 2015 XC90 and will help the car stay in lane and also follow the rhythm of the traffic.

Animal Detection will also be implemented after the launch of the XC90 and will be able to brake the car in daylight and dark to avoid a collision with an animal.

Car 2 Car Communication will become available starting 2016 and is based on communication between transmitters in vehicles and the road infrastructure (traffic lights, road signs).

Lastly, Volvo demonstrated in June an Autonomous Parking system which will eventually allow the driver to get out of the car and through a smartphone app "tell" the vehicle to park itself. It is important to mention the system won't work on all car parks as it will rely on communication between the vehicle and the car park infrastructure to detect an empty spot. This system can automatically avoid pedestrians or objects detected in the car park.


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