Lamborghini purists look away because this twin-turbo LS swapped Huracan is the furthest thing from a stock Lamborghini. Youtuber Chris Steinbacher, who runs the B is for Build Youtube channel, built this mad Huracan for SEMA 2019 and today he’s ready to dyno tune his wild creation. 

Although Chris’ Huracan no longer has the sweet high revving 5.2-liter V10 of the stock Huracan, the flame-spitting Texas Speed built LS V8 is a nice replacement. This twin-turbo V8 is capable of some serious performance. Chris has the goal of producing around 1500 peak horsepower, an ambitious number for such a complex build. 

Gallery: Lamborghini Huracan With LS Swap Hits The Dyno

Although LS swaps are common in anything from a Mazda Miata to a Porsche 911, an LS swapped Lamborghini is an unusual combination. Typically a V10 is one of the main selling points of a Lamborghini but Chris’ Lamborghini purchase was a little different. Chris purchased a Huracan that suffered massive fire damage from a twin-turbo kit gone wrong. 

Chris was able to purchase this wrecked Huracan but had to start with a new engine as the stock unit was unusable. Rather than pay for a new V10 it was much more affordable and interesting to find an LS V8 to put in its place. Chris was able to mount the LS V8 to a manual transmission from a Gallardo making this the only LS-powered manual transmission Huracan on earth. 

With a build this complex, there is always the opportunity for complications. During the dyno tuning session, for example, the Huracan’s starter motor failed, the ECU had issues, and the exhaust manifolds couldn’t stand up to the heat. These roadblocks are a crucial part of building something completely new. 

It may be tough to build a one of one build such as this but the final reward promises to be incredible. A flame-spitting, manual transmission, LS Swapped Huracan? Sign us up!

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