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The upcoming G80 BMW M3 was spotted by an eagle-eyed commuter on his way to work last week. The video posted by the YouTube Channel, Life With Serv, shows a G80 M3 test mule navigating the streets of Los Angeles sporting the typical test mule cameo treatment. Finally, we get to see the G80 M3’s wide rear fenders, an aggressive diffuser, and a larger footprint in its natural habitat driving slowly in Los Angeles traffic.

When it comes to car enthusiasts, the new G80 M3 design is dominated by the controversial front grill design. In case you missed this story, BMW revealed the M4 concept which debuted a massive new grill that engulfed the entire front end a concept M4 coupe. The internet went wild and traditional M3 fans started petitions to change the design as the very bedrock of their BMW love was pulverized into dust. 

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Thankfully time heals all wounds, even startling new car design revelations to angry BMW customers. This means we can now focus on other design cues of the upcoming BMW M3 and M4, like the bulging fenders and aggressive rear diffuser. 

Based on the video we can see the upcoming BMW M3 retains the quad exhaust that’s been an M3 mainstay since their debut on the E46 M3. These quad exhausts are integrated into the rear bumper and spaced out similarly to the E46 M3 however the rear bumper design seems to be a more aggressive version of the F20 M3’s design.

The real star of the show or should I say, stars, are the massive flared rear fenders. Look at how the light hits them to show off their size. When it comes to tires, the previous generation F20 M3 CS used 265/35 R19s upfront and 285/30 R20s in the rear. Based on this video and true BMW fashion expect much larger tires all around. 

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