With videos on how he's managed to do it.

Before the age of Photoshop and other high-tech software or apps, Microsoft's Paint was a go-to program for graphic design needs. It has a simple user interface, with simple tools that are enough for basic design and drawing on a computer.

However, times have changed and we've seen huge developments in design software. With that development comes several people who try their luck in redesigning cars, making a name for themselves using their software skills.

But not this guy – Youtube's BeingNandish who has been around the platform since 2012 dares to be different by drawing cars using the good ol' Microsoft Paint. And he does this so well. Here are some of his works.

Gallery: BeingNandish's Cars Drawn In Microsoft Paint

BeingNandish is from India, which explains some Tata, Jaguar, and Land Rover cars included in his portfolio. His other works include an Audi R8, a Dodge Challenger, a Porsche, and BMW vehicles – all in profile view except for the Lamborghini which drew in front view (see the video on top of this page).

BeingNandish's drawings aren't perfect, but they're considerably great especially if you factor in the simplicity of tools that Microsoft Paint could offer. There's also a '90s vibe to these drawings, which is kinda nostalgic. Well, at least for me.

While the drawings aren't mind-blowing, what piqued our interest is how fast he was able to draw the cars from scratch. BeingNandish's videos don't reach 10 minutes, and the duration of the whole work depends on how complex the actual car is.

Of all the cars he has drawn, this one's my favorite – a Lexus LX570. Watch.

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