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Unsurprisingly, Nissan’s new 2020 GT-R Nismo is the fastest version by some considerable margin. The Nismo package means a more powerful engine, more aerodynamics, and considerable weight reduction over the standard GT-R. While yes, this makes the GT-R Nismo unbelievably fast, it does provide Nissan with a bit of a headache.

When it came time to film the new GT-R on a track, Nissan needed to find a vehicle fast enough to follow it. The camera-car driver hired for the shoot was Mauro Calo; he’s  worked in blockbuster movies and automotive TV and saw the existing GT-R as a perfect candidate. We may have been a bit more creative on the choice for a camera car, but Calo’s decision to go with the GT-R made a lot of sense.

Before Nissan asked Calo to film the GT-R Nismo, his camera car setup had been based around a high-performance SUV. While the GT-R obviously has a lower center of gravity, the advantages don’t stop there. “It has supercar performance, with outstanding all-wheel-drive handling and stability. It’s famously reliable, and it can seat the team I need to operate the camera system. There were no other contenders,” said Calo. 

While Calo said he chose the GT-R because it has seats to fit the entire crew, we’d like to think the decision focuses more on the camera operator sitting in the front seat as opposed to the rear. If crew members are positioned in the back, here’s hoping they aren’t very claustrophobic. That said, it’s a small price to pay to get footage of the GT-R Nismo.

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With carefully planned shots, the 2020 GT-R Nismo shoot was a resounding success. The nature of the Lausitzring racetrack where the video was shot proved advantageous for getting some very dynamic angles of the new supercar.

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