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Production of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is officially underway, and C8 master Chevy Dude has some interesting data about the first 444 cars. For example, not a single person has bought a base 'Vette with no options. The least expensive one ordered so far had a price of $66,990, and the most expensive was $101,250. On average, buyers have dropped $84,813 on their new car.

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According to Chevy Dude's numbers, the 3LT trim level is most popular so far with 298 buyers. The 2LT is next with 145 takers, and only a single person is going for the 1LT. The Z51 Performance Package is also very much in demand with 402 customers, and 357 of them getting the magnetic suspension system, too.

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Some of the colors aren't currently available to customers, but among the ones buyers can get, Arctic White is most popular at 107 cars. Torch Red is nearly as in demand by appearing on 102 Corvettes. Black takes third place with 81 orders. Ceramic Matric Gray, Sebring Orange, and Shadow Gray have nearly equal popularity with 51, 50, and 49 customers, respectively.

Inside, the sporty GT2 seats are the most popular. Most buyers are sticking with the standard black seatbelts, but 106 of them are going with red. 

It's not yet entirely clear when deliveries of the 'Vette begin. There should only be a few weeks before the first of them hit the road.

Check out Chevy Dude's video for even more intriguing details, like the most popular wheel options on the new Corvette.

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