Not exactly what we were hoping for.

Many were disappointed when Toyota debuted the fifth-generation Supra as it was basically a BMW Z4 in disguise. The sports car from Japan, however, proved to be a strong drag racer with its own personality. Even more importantly, its 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine is a tuner’s paradise with plenty of options for modifications and room for improvement. 

Still, the new-versus-old Supra debate is ongoing in all kinds of online forums and social platforms. In an attempt to make an honest comparison between the two, the Supercar Blondie gathered the latest 2020 Supra and a 1998 model on track in Dubai. She was joined by another blondie supercar fan and the two lined up for a direct drag race.

Usually, we won’t spoil the results of a drag but this time around we need to address something. Yes, the 2020 Supra takes a comfortable win but this is easily explainable given the bad shortshifts of the Supra MK4 at launch. Its modern successor has an eight-speed automatic gearbox which makes drag racing for rookies quite easy.

The gap at the end of the video is huge, obviously, but even on paper, the 2020 model should be quicker in the ¼-mile drag. We’ve seen 12.3-12.5-second times from the BMW-powered model, while the Supra from the 1990s is capable of about 13.5-13.7 seconds. Both stats are for stock cars.

Through the last few months, we’ve seen the new Supra drag race a number of different vehicles. Go to this link to see all of the drag videos with the car we’ve shared so far.

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