General Motors and Honda have signed a "long-term definitive master agreement" to co-develop next-generation fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will also work to improve the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is deemed as "critical for the long-term viability and consumer acceptance of fuel cell vehicles."

In a statement, GM CEO Dan Akerson said “This collaboration builds upon Honda and GM’s strengths as leaders in hydrogen fuel cell technology. We are convinced this is the best way to develop this important technology, which has the potential to help reduce the dependence on petroleum and establish sustainable mobility.”

His sentiments were echoed by Honda CEO Takanobu Ito who commented "Honda and GM are eager to accelerate the market penetration of this ultimate clean mobility technology, and I am excited to form this collaboration to fuse our leading fuel cell technologies and create an advanced system that will be both more capable and more affordable.”

The new fuel cell systems aren't expected to arrive until 2020, but Honda will launch their FCX Clarity successor in 2015. GM will announce its fuel cell production plans at a later date.

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