We're happy to announce a few small improvements to WCF.

For those interested in seeing secret prototypes and pre-production models in testing, WCF is expanding it spy photos category with a greater amount of topics. As one of the biggest attractions on WCF we hope this additional spy photo material will make WCF one of the most comprehensive spy photo sources on the web.

Other general site updates worth mentioning include:

  • return of Formula 1 photography
  • URL addresses (including images) now allowed in the comments (pending approval of an admin)

Lastly, we are dropping the Formula 1 spoiler friendly titles, which prevent giving away the final results, from race reports. As WCF is a concentrated news site we do not wish to restrict article titles as it has an adverse effect on traffic. However, in the near future we will offer personalization options to give registered WCF members greater control over the content they wish to view or not view on WCF.