Bigger, bolder, and more upmarket than ever, the all-new Escalade is here. The team attended Cadillac’s reveal event dedicated to the fifth generation of its flagship SUV and we were able to hop inside the screen-heavy cabin. More than just a Suburban or Tahoe wearing a tuxedo, the fullsize luxury SUV does a good job at distancing itself from its more mainstream cousins thanks to a totally different design and some industry-first features.

Aside from allowing us to shoot this video, Cadillac has been kind enough to drop quite a few videos providing an in-depth look at its luxobarge. It’s worth mentioning the adjacent footage features the standard-wheelbase Escalade as the stretched ESV hasn’t been revealed yet. We do know it’s 226.9 in (5766 mm) long and has a 134.1-in (3407-mm) wheelbase, but we won’t see it until April at the New York Auto Show.

While the exterior represents a nice evolution over the preceding model, it’s the interior that catches the attention with its curved OLED screens representing the cabin’s pièce de résistance. The dashboard looks sleek and elegant even when the screens are turned off, and give the cabin a high-tech vibe when those 38 inches worth of displays light up.

But there’s more to the Escalade than its fancy dashboard as the technology package also includes a rear-seat entertainment system with dual 12.6-inch touchscreen displays. Those sitting on the second row can send what Cadillac refers to as destination “suggestions” to the central display up front, with the driver ultimately deciding whether to accept them or now.

Overall, Cadillac mentions the interior’s design is derived from the stunning 2016 Escala sedan concept we’re still sad it never made it to production. It’s pretty easy to see the resemblances up front, with the SUV’s roomier cabin allowing greater practicality thanks to a third row and a massive cargo area. Caddy has found a way to install no fewer than 36 speakers throughout the cabin, provided you go for the fancy AKG surround sound system and its stainless steel speaker grilles.

With 40 percent more legroom for the third row and a whopping 68 percent of extra cargo volume behind it, the Escalade is far more spacious than its predecessor. Add into the mix an adaptive air suspension, an electronic limited-slip differential, and the latest evolution of GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, the new model should feel like a spacious living room on wheels.

Stepping outside of the 2021 Escalade, some of the SUV’s exterior elements and front grille finish will depend on the trim level. For example, the first-ever Sport trim (although there was a Sport Edition) available for the Lincoln Navigator rival has a black grille and several other dark accents across the body. Regardless of the trim you go for, all Escalades ride as standard on massive 22-inch wheels.

Pricing information has yet to be announced, but we should have all the details towards the end of the year when the new Escalade is scheduled to go on sale in North America. It’s going to be assembled in Arlington, Texas alongside GM’s other fullsize SUVs.

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