Cadillac introduced the all-new Escalade last night at a glitzy event in Los Angeles, but the ESV version was nowhere to be found. We do have all the juicy technical specifications, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until April to see the stretched fullsize luxury SUV in the metal. Our colleagues at Autoblog have learned from Caddy the extra-long derivative will receive its premiere at the New York Auto Show, which starts on April 8 with the first press day.

The silver lining is Cadillac has a visualizer up and running on its website where you can virtually configure the longer Escalade as well. It’s not the most complex visualizer we’ve seen as you only get to pick from a few colors and alloy wheel designs, but we do get the chance to see the ESV. You can easily set the two apart by looking at the visibly larger quarter glass and the wider plastic piece aft the rear doors.

Gallery: 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV as shown on visualizer

Another difference is the location of the Cadillac crest, placed on the shiny chrome trim of the pillar on the standard model. On the ESV, it sits on the aforementioned plastic piece, just above the chrome frame of the beltline.

Gallery: 2021 Cadillac Escalade

At 211 inches (5382 millimeters) long, the revamped Escalade is already considerably larger than the model it replaces. Should you need an even bigger SUV with additional legroom, the ESV will measure a gargantuan 226.9 in (5766 mm). The stretched version will have a wheelbase spanning at 134.1 in (3407 mm) or 13.2 in (336 mm) more than the standard model.

This added length between the axles will bring an additional 1.7 inches of legroom for those sitting on the third-row seats, at 36.6 in (933 mm). In addition, you’ll be able to carry more stuff as the cargo volume of the ESV rises by 17.4 cubic feet to 42.9 cu ft (1,214 liters) behind the third row.

Other than the bump in size, we are not expecting any other differences between the two Escalade flavors. The ESV should have the same 6.2.-liter V8 gasoline and inline-six 3.0-liter diesel engines, a 10-speed automatic transmission, independent rear suspension, and a lot of screen real estate. 38 inches of OLED displays will be inside the cabin, along with 36 speakers for the top-of-the-line sound system.

Cadillac has announced the Escalade is scheduled to go on sale in North America towards the end of the year, with availability in other regions to follow later in 2021. It’s not clear yet whether the ESV will be available from day one, but even if it won’t, the even larger SUV shouldn’t be too far behind. Details regarding availability should be disclosed at the vehicle’s debut in the Big Apple.

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