The M923A2 is a 6X6 military transport truck that's capable of taking troops or equipment anywhere they need to go. It turns out with a lot of work, the rig can be the platform for an impressive tiny house, too.

Gallery: M923A2 Military Truck Tiny House

Mike took this truck and welded a shipping container to the back. He then made the interior look like a cozy cabin with wood planks covering the floor, walls, and roof. The exterior retains the military-spec look with its dark green paint, but there are lots of cool details. There are multiple spots for storing things like tools and firewood. A rear-mounted camera makes seeing what's going on behind the rig a lot easier. He also converts all the lighting to LED and mounts solar panels to the roof.

The truck still packs its original powertrain that consists of a Cummins 8.3-liter inline-six turbodiesel and a five-speed automatic with a two-speed transfer case. Mike engineers a fascinating modification to the cooling system that uses the warm coolant as a water heating source so it's much easier to take a hot shower.

Mike uses simple solutions to keep things secure. Sections of foam keep his cooking utensils from moving around. He also installs window latches to keep larger storage cubbies from shifting when driving.

Mike estimates this build cost him less than $40,000. He has been living in the vehicle for about two years and has driven across Canada in it. He recommends the tiny house lifestyle wholeheartedly, and with a truck that's this cool, we can see why.

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