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The Jeep Gladiator Super Bowl commercial arrived early, and the rumors about it were true. The ad stars Bill Murray who reprises his role from Groundhog Day, but this time he really enjoys himself by driving the brand's new pickup every day.

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The commercial opens with the alarm clock ticking over to 6:00 AM, and Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" starts playing. Bill Murray sits up in bed realizing that he's back in the Groundhog Day world. After running outside with glimpses of Ned Ryerson and the mayor, Murray sees something new – a Jeep Gladiator. From there, the commercial really gets fun.

Murray enjoys the new Jeep. Every day is still Groundhog Day, but now he and Punxsutawney Phil spend their time joyriding in the pickup. The truck loses its doors and top, and they go sliding through the snow – complete with the groundhog wearing a seatbelt. Then things get really cute with the little rodent wearing a helmet for a bike ride and watching Murray play whack-a-mole. At the end, they sit in chairs in the trucks' bed and watch fireworks going off.

Jeep has a strong Super Bowl commercial this year. It starts by giving people something familiar by referencing a classic comedy with a well-known actor. The spot then subverts expectations by introducing a new product. We then see the Gladiator's strengths like its off-road abilities and removable panels. A final bit of humor rounds out the presentation.

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