Unless you're living under a rock, you should know by now that GMC is bringing back the Hummer – not as a gas-guzzling monster that it was but as a full-electric truck.

We've had a glimpse of the Hummer EV last week with an initial teaser from the brand. We've seen its old-school grille with illuminated elements, as well as some huge numbers that GMC promises to stand by. Now, GMC releases another video showcasing the upcoming Hummer EV but with something more – the NBA superstar LeBron James fronting the quiet revolution.

Here's a cut behind the scenes.

Aside from including King James in the ad, there's not much additional information added with the upcoming EV. We do, however, still want GMC to stand by its declared numbers. 

GMC said that the Hummer EV can sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in just three seconds. The all-electric truck should also produce a whopping 1,000 horsepower (745 kilowatts) and an incredible 11,500 pound-feet of torque. To say that this truck will produce a lot of power would be an understatement – all those will be done as quietly as possible, which is the whole point of the ad's theme.

"Teaming up with GMC to introduce the Hummer EV is a natural fit. Everyone knows about my love for Hummer since high school and I’m proud to be a part of announcing the new EV model," said LeBron James. "The truck may be quiet, but the performance numbers speak for themselves."

For now, these are things we know about the Hummer EV. The official reveal of the full-electric truck will be on May 20, 2020, so expect additional info about the truck in the months to come, including inevitable leaks.

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