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New teasers prove the truth of rumors about Jeep remaking scenes from the classic comedy Groundhog Day for the automaker's Super Bowl commercial. The clip above has actor Stephen Tobolowsky reprising his role as Ned Ryerson and promising, "This Sunday is going to be a doozy."

The other teaser shows an alarm clock ticking over to 6:00 AM and Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" begins playing just like in the movie. An on-screen message says, "This Sunday isn't just game day. It's Groundhog Day."


If these teasers aren't enough evidence for you, then the Northwest Herald newspaper posted images of the ad's filming, including a shot of Bill Murray in his Groundhog Day costume. The paper's full story also indicated that Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill's real-life brother and the mayor in the film, was also there for filming the commercial. 

Ad Week recently cited insiders saying that the Jeep commercial would recreate the truck chase scene from Groundhog Day. For a refresher, watch it below.

It seems very unlikely that Jeep is going to crash its own vehicle in the company's Super Bowl ad like in the movie. Given the company's recent introduction of the Gladiator pickup, we could imagine this fresh take having Murray and the Punxsutawney Phil rock-crawling down the quarry's cliff and escaping. However, this event in the film doesn't end Murray's character from reliving Groundhog Day over again, so we wonder how Jeep ends the ad.

Jeep doesn't intend to release the whole ad online before the Super Bowl like many other companies. The spot will premiere during the game.

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