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It looks like Jeep is looking to open the new year with a sales boost for the Gladiator. Cars Direct reports a new national dealer incentive from Jeep that offers a $2,000 bonus for all 2020 Gladiator models, save for the Rubicon. Jeep has done something similar in the past, but it usually involved either a loyalty discount for current Jeep owners, or a competitor discount for buyers with something other than a Jeep in the garage. This is a blanket discount that apparently has no strings attached.

$2,000 is a modest drop on the Gladiator’s price, but Cars Direct shopped around and found some dealerships offering significantly deeper discounts for Jeep’s pickup truck. One location in northern California is advertising a $7,000 dealer discount in addition to the recent $2,000 bonus. That adds up to a total savings of $9,000, which sounds pretty darned tempting for a new Gladiator. It should be mentioned that dealer discounts obviously vary by the dealership, so you won’t find such deals everywhere. The $2,000 bonus, however, is a current nationwide offering that expires on February 7.

Why the aggressive discounts? Often times, such deals are indicative of a vehicle that isn’t selling too well. It’s tempting to lump the Gladiator into that category, as Jeep sold just over 47,000 trucks in 2019. Compare that to nearly 90,000 Ford Ranger sales, 122,000 Chevrolet Colorado sales, and almost 249,000 Toyota Tacoma sales, and the Gladiator is far behind its chief rivals. However, Gladiators didn’t reach dealerships until late spring, so that 47,000 figure is actually only for approximately half the year.

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Still, extrapolating that data for 12 months keeps the Gladiator behind the Colorado and way behind the Taco in the midsize pickup truck market.


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