What time is it? Octavia o'clock.

If you’ve been to Israel recently, you’ve probably seen this quite interesting innovation at the country’s Ben Gurion Airport. It’s an accurate digital clock made entirely from cars - and just toys cars but actual, full-size, real-life, ICE-powered vehicles. 

There’s not much information officially available about the project out there but apparently, it’s been running since the spring of last year. Two videos provide a better look at the overall idea and we’ll try to briefly explain how it works.

Gallery: Digital clock made of cars

First, there’s a scale model of the entire clock made of Matchbox cars that simulates the movements when time changes. The actual full-size clock is located in a massive sports hall and is coordinated by operators with flags. A number of cameras film from a bird’s eye view and the footage is then broadcasted through a giant screen at the Ben Gurion Airport.

Another video (below) provides a look behind the scenes but, unfortunately, there are no English subtitles to give us more information about the process. Still, we are able to see several white cars from the European market, including a Skoda Octavia (with Romanian registration plates), Ford Focus, Opel Astra, and more. Some sources even say this is an ad financed by Skoda but we can’t confirm this claim at the moment.

The Ben Gurion Airport, located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod and about 28 miles (45 kilometers) northwest of Jerusalem, is Israel’s leading aviation hub with more than 24.8 million passengers and nearly 168,000 flights for 2019. The airport currently operates two terminals but a third one is in the plans for construction in the near future.