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A new video from the team at The Fast Lane Car asks a question that might seem silly to many auto enthusiasts, but is never the less a sign of the times. Are crossovers the new sports cars for a new era of motoring? Of course they aren’t; sports cars have a very specific purpose, whereas crossovers, well, cross over into pretty much every genre imaginable. But that doesn’t mean crossovers and SUVs can’t turn some impressive lap times on a race track that compete with or even beat proper sports cars.

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That’s the real question this video seeks to answer, and it takes a rather dramatic approach by pitting two Toyota sports cars against the biggest BMW money can buy. The X7 M50i featured here weighs nearly three tons and can carry seven people in its luxurious interior. There is a 523-horsepower (390-kilowatt) sledgehammer under the hood, however, which is nearly three times what you get in the Toyota 86 it faces. That car is also half the weight, and as for the Supra that eventually shows up to the party, you should know all about that car by now.


This unlikely comparison takes place at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado, and if it seems like the deck is purposefully stacked in the BMW’s favor, you’re not the only one. The video even makes mention of this – the road course uses sections of the big oval track where the X7’s engine can exercise its power, and with the track itself being a mile above sea level, the naturally-aspirated boxer four-cylinder in the 86 is at a further power disadvantage. The Supra at least has boosted power of its own, and it’s widely believed the actual power rating is well above the 335 hp Toyota advertises.

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As you’d expect, feedback from the driver on the characteristics of each vehicle heavily favored both the 86 and Supra. The X7 exhibited plenty of body roll and understeer versus a better-balanced, fun-as-can-be experience in the sports cars. Still, there was a clear winner and loser at the end of the day, with the slowest time being 1:16.19. The quickest vehicle went 1:08.37, with the middle time being 1:11.07.

Was the X7 the fastest of the bunch, the slowest, or the middleman in this crazy comparison? We’ll let the video answer that question.

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