When you think muscle car, you immediately think a huge, rumbling V8 underneath the hood of a rear-wheel drive, relatively lightweight two-door body, coupled with a relatively affordable price tag. Oh, and it has to be named Mustang, Challenger, or even Commodore. In reality, muscle cars these days offer so much performance over their predecessors forty to fifty years ago, that they often find themselves in the midst of sports cars double to triple their price. Case in point, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Shelby GT500. In this short snippet from an episode of ICONS, guys over at ISSIMI prep two powerful muscle cars for a head-to-head drag race. 

Gallery: Shelby GT500 Vs Hellcat Is The Drag Race We Were Waiting For

Combined, these cars easily hit 1,400 horsepower, with the Hellcat offering up 717 horses. For a time, that kind of output was unheard of in a production muscle car, and the subsequent Demon and Redeye versions of the Hellcat only increased output, almost reaching 800 horses. Naturally, Ford and Shelby wouldn't take such a thing lying down, and the third generation Shelby GT500 is their answer to the question of who has the ultimate muscle car. And at 760 ponies, well, let's just say that there's no question about who its main rival is on the drag strip. The key here is who can actually keep the power down. 

While the video is pretty short, and the winner is... Well, we won't give it away that easily. This short clip is actually just a scene from a much longer episode that they did on the Shelby GT500; going through the history and development of these performance Mustangs, and taking the latest GT500 through its paces, taking on other cars in the same league in terms of horsepower. You can view that whole episode here, and it's a great way to spend about twenty minutes. 

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