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When it comes to drag racing, there's one brand that you'll less likely expect – Tesla – that is if you're reading this story several years back. These days, Teslas have become a household name in drag races, surprisingly beating household nameplates and even supercars.

Whether you're looking at the Model S, Model 3, or Model X (see what Musk did there?), Teslas are more than just quiet grocery-getters. The Model 3 Performance is one of the pertinent slayers of on the drag strip, and so is the Model X that can go head to head against its fossil-fuel-burning SUV counterparts.

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But which of the two is faster? Youtube's Road Test TV pit the top-spec Teslas to see which one triumphs a straight-line race. Before you watch the video, let's crunch the numbers here first to see the comparison in black and white.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance in the video is powered by two electric motors that motivate both axles. Combined, it produces a total output of 473 horsepower (353 kiloWatts). It weighs 4,072 pounds (1,847 kilograms) and has a base price that's just $10-shy of $60,000.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model X Performance in the video is the Raven, which is the updated version of the electric crossover. Also with an all-wheel-drive with two electric motors powering both axles, the Model X Performance Raven has a combined output of 762 hp (568 kW). It tips the scales at 5,400 lbs (2,449 kg) and has a base price of $104,990.

With these numbers laid out, could the lighter and more affordable Model 3 beat the much more powerful Model X? You'd be surprised by the results so watch the short video on top of this page to find out.

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