Sony's Vision-S Concept car has caught SEMA attendees off-guard during the tech consumer show. The company had no involvement in cars – except if you consider those race games in its console games, but I digress.

The tech giant's "entry" into the competitive automotive market isn't far-fetched in terms of styling. The high-tech four-door sedan can upend other cars currently on offer today in this regard, which tells us that the company has a future when it comes to automotive design.

But what if the Sony concept car came as a coupe instead? Aksyonov Nikita from Behance gives us a peek of what could have been a Sony coupe.

Sony Vision Coupe Rendering by Aksyonov Nikita
Sony Vision Coupe Rendering by Aksyonov Nikita

Dubbed as the Vision Coupe, the rendering shows what Sony could have showcased at SEMA instead of the silver EV sedan – and it doesn't look half bad. In fact, it even looks better with one fewer door on each side and sleeker roofline. The gold paint color gives more character to the EV, which can make you forget that the concept actually has 33 sensors to detect people and objects outside and inside the car.

The rendering also retained the contrasting roof, which is completely made of glass, we assume, just like the Vision-S Concept. It's sleeker this way, and could probably go head to head against nameplates like the Taycan.

Sadly, Sony's concept car won't make it to reality, whether as a sedan or as a coupe. As confirmed by Vision-S project leader Izumi Kawanishi, who also runs Sony's robotics division, the company isn't about to become an automaker. The concept is "Sony's contribution to the evolution of cars," which is a shame because frankly, we need more of these good-looking examples as the world progress into electrification.

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