As a kid who loved playing with Hot Wheels, most of my weekends were spent finding a way to build the biggest track possible. As it turns out this dream lives on for a group of Hot Wheels enthusiasts from Pennsylvania who built the world’s longest Hot Wheels track measuring an impressive 2,176 ft 2 in (663.298 m)

Most company barbecues are filled with cheap hamburgers and small talk about work, but the team from Benesch, an engineering firm specializing in transportation, spent their company outing chasing greatness. A few short months ago this very publication reported on NASCAR star Joey Logano who built a then record-setting Hot Wheels tracks measuring an impressive 1,941 feet (591.6 meters), which was crushed by the latest record track by a sizable margin.

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This gravity-fueled top speed run fielded a very special Hot Wheels car which carried a camera the length of the track. Based on the track’s distance of 2,176 ft 2 in (663.298 m) and the car’s required 2 minutes and 52 seconds to complete the run, this little Hot Wheels car averaged 8.5 miles per hour during its run. Not too bad for a gravity-powered toy car carrying a camera.

When we compare the Hot Wheels track from the team at Benesch to Joey Lagano’s world’s second-longest Hot Wheels track the big difference is scale. Joey packed his entire track into his garage using banked corners and power boosters to keep the car moving. The Benesch team simply found a long hill and got to work. 

When it comes to Hot Wheels nobody is ever too old to have fun. These timeless toys are the spark that started car enthusiasm for many. Take for example the Hot Wheels lovers over at Benesch who took their engineering talents and put them to work building the world’s longest track.

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