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As many petrolheads know, fulfilling your childhood dream of being the next motorsport star is a very expensive endeavor. The old adage of “to make a small fortune in racing, you need to start with a big fortune,” is unfortunately still accurate.

That said, British engineering company Tour-de-Force is offering up a special car and opportunity. Its TDF-1 is a ready-to-drive package built around the 2011 Marussia F1 car. If you are fortunate enough to afford this beast, TDF will fly the car out to a race track of your choice along with a team of engineers, and a fitness instructor to get you ready for the brutality of driving an F1 car.

Although it might look like it from the outside, the TDF-1 isn’t a full reincarnation of the original 2011 Marussia F1 racer. While TDF lists the chassis as the 2011 Marussia MVRO2 or 2012 Sauber C31, some changes had to be made.

marussia f1 tdf

It might not make a massive difference in performance, but the TDF-1 is fitted with a six-speed sequential gearbox rather than the original seven-speed. TDF also decided to take out the original F1 V8, and replace it with the company’s 600-horsepower (447-kilowatt) turbocharged TDFM600T motor. The cylinder count and configuration isn’t listed but we’d venture to guess that it’s either a V6 or a V8. Petrolheads will likely be put off by the engine swap, but it’s still good enough to provide the vehicle with a power-to-weight ratio of 1000BHP/ ton. 

All things aside, the TDF-1 is really the closest you can get to driving a Formula 1 car. It has a hand operated clutch, an F1 style steering wheel with many buttons and switches, slick Pirelli tires, and even DRS. To get any closer to driving a real F1 car you’d have to send an F1-team-boss your resume and keep your fingers crossed. 

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