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The mystery surrounding Cadillac’s forthcoming super sedans is getting deeper. We’ve caught a few high-performance CT4-V and CT5-V prototypes over the last several months, and we even were privy to a video giving us a taste of what engines might be underneath the hood. Meanwhile, rumors galore have been flying like UFOs at Area 51, with the latest being both cars will offer an old-school manual transmission with old-school engines. Sort of, anyway.

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A new report from Muscle Cars & Trucks claims Cadillac will offer a ten-speed automatic and six-speed manual in the horsepower-happy versions of the CT4 and CT5. It was widely believed the CT4 would get the manny tranny, but it’s a surprise to say the very least for the CT5. That’s because its predecessor didn’t offer a manual, and with the confusing rollout of the CT4-V and CT5-V last year – not to mention the quick rise and fall of the Blackwing-powered CT6-V – it’s a wonder these high-performance variants are even still in the pipeline.

Speaking of Blackwing, will Cadillac’s amped-up sedans still wear that moniker? We ask because, in addition to this manual transmission rumor, we’ve heard multiple rumors that the twin-turbo Blackwing V8 engine is done and over. It will allegedly disappear with the CT6-V, and apparently it couldn’t fit under the hood of the CT5 anyway. That further supports rumors that the old supercharged 6.2-liter V8 from the CTS-V will return, but it’s not entirely clear if all 640 horsepower will return with it. Additionally, the CT4 should get the 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 from its predecessor, the ATS-V.

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If you’re still confused, it’s okay. When Cadillac unveiled the new CT4-V and CT5-V last year, they underwhelmed the world with far less horsepower than expected. A few days later, Cadillac paraded a couple of camouflaged prototypes that were said to be the real high-performance sedans and that the V moniker had basically been downgraded to more of a V-Sport status. It’s since been suggested that Blackwing could replace V as Cadillac’s top-tier performance line, even without the Blackwing engine under the hood.

GM is certainly engaged in cost-cutting measures, as-of late, so take the rumors with a grain of salt. We’d like to believe a manual is coming for both cars, but with take rates on manuals so low in the new car segment, it’s a hard pill to swallow from Cadillac. On the other hand, with luxury automakers ditching manuals in many performance applications, it could be a way for Cadillac to stand out in the crowd.

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