Production allegedly starts on February 3.

UPDATE: Chevrolet responded with the following official statement:

"We have had to make adjustments to our planned dealer allocations due to the work stoppage we experienced last year. We’re not providing specifics on the level of adjustments."

Chevy Dude is a prominent Youtuber and Chevrolet salesperson who often gets ahold of information that isn't normally available to the general public. In a new video, he claims that the Bowtie is cancelling some 2020 C8 Corvette allocations to dealers, and the amount getting the axe could be as high as 15 to 20 percent. Don't get too worried if you're ordering a new 'Vette because Chevy seems to have a plan in place to make this as painless on customers as possible.

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According to Chevy Dude, the automaker would likely prioritize cancelling the allocations of unsold C8s. So if someone already has an order on the new sports car and is a confirmed buyer, then there's nothing to worry about. Conversely, if a small dealer couldn't find a customer or a shop maybe was overcharging for the build slot without convincing a buyer, then these allocations would be the most likely to get a cancellation.

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The reason for needing to reduce the allocations allegedly comes from the delay in production due to the United Auto Workers strike. Chevy Dude also cites unspecified "internal issues with the car."

The good news is that the production-spec C8 Corvette should begin production on February 3. After that, the vehicles undergo a six-week quality hold, but they might actually begin transport to dealers before that, according to Chevy Dude. This hints that customers could get ahold of the first examples of the new 'Vette coupe in March or early April. Convertibles would take a little longer to arrive. has reached out to Chevrolet for confirmation of the claims in this video.

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