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The 2020 Chevy Corvette was on the most hotly anticipated reveals of last year. So hot, that today even its wheels are a commodity. Motor Trend found an unfortunate Corvette on the streets of Detroit where thieves had stolen the wheels and left the mid-engine Corvette sitting on blocks. The thieves didn't even take the lug nuts, which were left on the ground nearby, according to the publication.

Video shows the car resting against the blocks, which are sitting against the bare rocker panels. The front end is raised high into the air thanks to the engine now sitting behind the cabin. That puts the rear of the car directly against the ground, which isn't great for the car's oily bits. While there's no visible damage, there could be extensive damage hiding underneath.

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Parking one of the most exciting new cars on the streets of Detroit is risky, especially without wheel locks. But worrying about your having wheels stolen shouldn't be a thing car owners should have to consider when finding a suitable parking space. Though this isn't the world we live in today. It's not clear who owns the Corvette, though as Motor Trend points out, it's likely GM's car.

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Production for the new 2020 Corvette won't start until next month, with the first customer deliveries beginning before March. The UAW strike against GM delayed the automaker from starting C8 Corvette production before the end of last year as it had planned.

The sad-looking Corvette left on the streets of Detroit is a reminder that no car is safe from thievery. Criminals look for the easiest score, and a mid-engine Corvette that's not even on sale yet without wheel locks is a prime target. If you see an ad online selling C8 wheels anytime soon, we have a good idea where they belong.

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