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Genesis finally stepped into the SUV arena with the gorgeous GV80, an all-new mid-size luxury SUV. It’s part of the brand’s mission to offer six different models by 2021, which includes another, though smaller, SUV called the GV70. Plans for after 2021 remain elusive, though a new report from Motor Trend suggests Genesis is considering a full-size SUV like the GV90 that’d compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS.

For now, the report says executives are merely looking into whether the brand should move into the full-size SUV arena. There’s no information about when we could see such a model, though it likely won’t happen anytime soon. For now, Genesis is focusing on its six-model lineup while preparing a third, all-electric SUV for a 2021 reveal.

Genesis offers three sedans – the G70, G80, and G90 – and one SUV – the GV80 – which will go on sale in the U.S. later this year. Another is the upcoming GV70. That leaves one sport for a mystery vehicle that could be the electric crossover or something else entirely. At the GV80 reveal, Genesis teased six models – some with silhouettes we’ve never seen. One appeared to be a sleek coupe that we hope borrows from the Essentia concept. The other looked like an electrified hatchback. There wasn’t a larger SUV shown.

Gallery: 2021 Genesis GV80

The addition of a large, full-size SUV would give Genesis the ability to truly compete with the German luxury automakers who dominate luxury sales. They set the standard for luxury, and Genesis has had success at aiming for German-levels of luxury and features and surpassing those expectations.

Up until now, Genesis’ moves have been deliberate even if it’s been slow to roll out an SUV as the brand continues to transform itself from nothing into a competitive luxury brand. The GV80 SUV is a good step in that direction. A larger GV90 would tell the world Genesis is serious about competing in the luxury segment and could be a flagship model for the brand.

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