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When you think stretch limousine, what’s the first vehicle that comes to mind? We can probably guess the first vehicle that didn’t pop into your noggin – a 2010 Subaru Tribeca. And yet here we are, staring at a miles-long Tribeca with gold wheels and wondering how in the hell we got here. It’s better than that, though, because you can actually buy this car.

Should you find yourself in the quiet northern lower Michigan town of Kalkaska, this stretched Subaru is probably taking up a majority of the lot at Nick’s Motor Sales. We’ll answer the big question right off the bat – yes this Tribeca is still all-wheel drive despite the rear axle existing in a different zip code from the front. Photos reveal it’s a product of Executive Coach Builders, and aside from the crazy decision to use a Tribeca as a starting point, it’s pretty much a standard-issue limo inside. That means a big bench seat, lots of snazzy wood trim, a bar, television, you know the drill.

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Photo Credit: Nick's Motor Sales

As for the rest? It’s a Tribeca 3.6R Limited, which means the chauffer enjoys a banging stereo along with heated leather seats, and a five-speed automatic shuffles power from the 3.6-liter flat-six engine under the hood. Back in the day, this mill was rated for 256 horsepower. Given the growth spurt this Tribeca underwent, we suspect every single one of those horses is called for duty whether full or empty.

The Tribeca never really caught on with SUV shoppers, and Subaru dropped the model in 2014. Nick’s Motor Sales currently has this 2010 model priced at $34,987, which is about what these things sold for brand new back in the day. Of course, none of those versions had seating for an entire wedding party, never mind a full bar to ensure everyone was drunk before vows were exchanged.

We’re left with just one question. Who would possibly want a Subaru Tribeca limousine? We suspect an answer could be found this weekend just a couple hours away from Nick’s dealership, where Subaru fans galore will gather for the Sno-Drift rally – the first event of the 2020 American Rally Association season. 

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