Did you have posters of cars decorating your room as a kid? Toyota is making it possible again by giving away a poster of the revived Supra. The images highlight everything you'd want to know about the coupe, including its important exterior dimensions and basic powertrain details. To get one, just fill out the necessary details on Toyota's site for the model.

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The page also has other Supra-related goodies available. There are a variety of wallpapers and 14 ringtones, including the sounds of the engine starting, shifting gears, the exhaust note, and lots more.

While there's lingering criticism about the Supra's close similarity with the BMW Z4, the new coupe remains one of the hottest new performance vehicles of the moment. The aftermarket is responding by offering lots of parts for the vehicle, ranging from body kits to powertrain upgrades. One advantage of the BMW-sourced engine is that there is already an understanding of tuning the powertrain. ECU updates are already able toboost the output to 420 horsepower (313 kilowatts) from the stock 335 hp (250 kW). Swapping out the exhaust components for better-flowing pieces allow for even greater gains.

If you're planning on extensively tuning the powertrain of a new model, early testing suggests the Supra's weak points are its axle shafts and rear differential. Expect aftermarket firms to come up with solutions quickly.

Toyota began delivering the new Supra in the summer of 2019. Over the course of the partial year of sales, the company managed to ship 2,884 of them

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