Pop-up camper trailers are favored over motorhomes by many people because of their compact size, but the trade-off is limited space. A new offering from Easy Caravanning called The TakeOff makes the most of interior room in a shape that’s undeniably eye-catching. But if that’s not good enough, the small trailer comes with a host of exterior add-ons that should allow anyone to properly stretch out for a relaxing camping vacation.

Based in Holland, Easy Caravanning offers three different models of the TakeOff but all check-in with a maximum weight that can stay below 1,653 pounds (750 kilograms), keeping the trailer in the realm of possibility for many small cars to handle. It can sleep two people, and it offers a modular kitchen that can be kept inside or set up outside. According to Easy Caravanning, the TakeOff's sleek pop-up design can be ready for access within 30 seconds.

Gallery: Easy Caravanning TakeOff

For those seeking more space, the TakeOff can be equipped with an X10T add-on set that includes an aluminum-framed awning which mounts neatly to the rear of the camper. It can be fully enclosed with canvas sections to create a whole new room, utilizing a design that matches the trailer. If that’s still not quite enough room, the X10T can be fitted with an additional sleeper tunnel tent that keeps everything connected.

Easy Caravanning is planning to launch the TakeOff in European markets this year. Prices start at €13,495 ($15,000 USD) for the TakeOff Active; deluxe TakeOff Xcite models start at €18,995 ($21,089 USD) and include the X10T add-on. Folks wanting the extra space with the entry-level trailer can select the X10T sections as optional equipment, with the open awning starting at €1,199 ($1,330 USD). If the response is good in Europe, an international release could follow.

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