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Sometime in November 2019, Richard Hammond opened a poll for his fans to help him spec his new car. Okay, not really spec down to the last screw, but at least choose the color of his new ride's interior. The choices? Red or blue, and the former won. With a 60/40 vote in favor of the red interior, The Grand Tour host followed the poll's result.

If you're among who voted on that poll and are now waiting for the new Morgan Plus Six to become a reality, well here it is – and it looks absolutely stunning.

Gallery: Richard Hammond's New Morgan PlusSix

A combination of glossy and matte black on the exterior, with bright red leather upholstery standing out with the convertible's roof folded, Hammond's Plus Six looks like a vampire's dream car. We're not saying that Hammond's a vampire, but we can imagine Dracula alighting the vehicle.

Now that we said it, Hammond does fit a vampire role, doesn't he? But we digress.

The merits of Hammond's new car don't end with its aesthetics, though. Under the Morgan's long hood resides a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine from BMW, which produces 335 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters). Hammond's car, however, has an upgraded exhaust, which uprates the output to nearly 400 horses.

If you watch the video, which is embedded on top of this page, you could see how happy Hammond is with his fan-specced car. He particularly liked the new CX-Generation aluminum architecture, praising how rigid the chassis is.

Whether you voted for red or blue, we're pretty sure Hammond is thankful for those who participated in the poll. Just look at the smile on his face.

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