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It's no secret that Mercedes-Benz is pulling all the stops in keeping its lineup fresh this year. We have seen camouflaged prototypes of its best-selling trio – the S-Class, E-Class, and C-Class – separately and even together in spy videos uploaded by eagle-eyed spies situated in Germany.

Of these three, however, the C-Class seems to be the least uncovered in the recent spy shots – until today. A C-Class sedan prototype has been spotted with relatively less camouflage, revealing a bit of its design.

Uploaded by walkoARTvideos over on Youtube, the C-Class prototype undresses its face ever so slightly, revealing its Panamericana grille. The design isn't a surprise, however, as the horizontal slats and the orientation of the daytime running lights are in the same vein as the S-Class.

The rear, on the other hand, doesn't reveal too much except for the horizontally-oriented LED taillights that peek out of the heavy camouflage. Don't expect too much deviation from the current Mercedes design language, though, as the company would probably want to tone it down in its best-seller.

Of course, our spies here didn't get too much luck in peeking inside the C-Class, but expect the once entry-level Merc to inherit S-Class tech in its cabin. It has been reported that it will get the huge touchscreen from the flagship model, as well as level 3 autonomous driving technology that would allow hands-free driving up to  81 miles per hour (130 kilometers per hour).

As for the powertrain, the next-gen C-Class is expected to get hybrid derivatives in its range, further empowering the company's direction towards electrification. Expect the new C-Class towards the end of 2020, most likely at the 2020 Paris Motor Show in October.

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