It takes a tough vehicle to stand up to fifteen years of ownership, but there is an elite group of cars and trucks that stand out as stalwart road warriors. To see which cars and trucks can stand up to over a decade of use iseeCars, a used car market place, conducted a study with some interesting results. 

Of the top fifteen cars and trucks on the list, ten are Toyotas, four are from Honda, and one from Subaru. It’s no secret that Toyota builds reliable vehicles but its dominance of this list is a true testament to the durability of their vehicles. 

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Our winner is the versatile Toyota Highlander. This family-oriented three-row SUV is the perfect storm of Toyota’s reliability and family-friendly useability. The Toyota Highlander is the answer to families who want space, but are not interested in the second place Sienna minivan. The Toyota Highlander offers the reliability, space, and styling to encourage owners to keep it in their garage for over fifteen years.

Below the mighty Highlander, the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra take a strong third and fourth. Much like the Highlander, the Tacoma and Tundra pair Toyota reliability with a platform that’s currently popular in the new car market. Where the Tacoma and Tundra differ, however, is their enthusiast customer base who like to use their Toyota trucks for off-roading and towing applications. If a truck can survive over 15 years of passionate ownership, it can survive just about anything.

Moving down the list, Honda makes up the midfield with Pilot and CR-V SUVs. Honda’s reliable SUVs continue to impress their owners with over 12% still retaining their Honda SUV for over 15 years. The Pilot and CR-V can secure long term garage spot thanks to their spacious interiors and stout powertrains. 

Owning the same car for over 15 years takes real commitment, so any car to join this elite list is worth a look if you’re looking to start a long term relationship with your new car.

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