Who says you can't do donuts in luxurious big rigs?

Off the heels of its debut this week, the 2021 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL present a bigger footprint than ever, reinforced by an updated set of tech features and a new diesel engine options – just like their Chevrolet brothers, the Suburban and Tahoe.

What wasn't disclosed at launch, however, was the Yukon's new tech feature called "Hurricane Turn." Motor Trend reported the scoop, which brought forth a whole new meaning to what SUVs can really do.

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Similar to the Rivian R1S and R1T's "Tank Turn" that allows the all-electric SUV and pickup to basically do donuts by spinning parallel tires to opposite directions, the Yukon's Hurricane can also spin in place according to the report.

There's just a major difference, though. As the Yukon doesn't have individually-controlled motors on each wheel to allow what the Rivians could do, the GM SUV employs a different process in order to get things spinning.

According to Motor Trend, the GMC Yukon's electronic brain can detect if the driver is trying to do a Hurrican Turn maneuver that includes deactivating stability control, cranking hard the steering wheel to either in any direction, and flooring the gas.

When the system detected the aforementioned actions, the SUV will electronically manipulate the brakes on the side it's turning to. With this, the car will initiate a donut, which gets tighter as you continue to step on the accelerator.

No specific details have been mentioned as to which Yukon will have the capability to do Hurrican Turns. GMC will surely delve into details as time goes by but for now, let's all continue on with our lives thinking that an SUV as big as a Yukon can do donuts.

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